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Design Build

Design Build

Western Steel Company is a full-service commercial design-build company.  This means we can design the complete layout of your commercial construction project based on your vision and requirements, and then perform renovation of your existing structure to meet the design specifications.

In other words, your commercial design will be drawn with the end construction in mind—so you can rest assured your project will be on budget. Additionally, this approach eliminates many extra steps for you and allows us to deliver consistent, high-quality service.


Western Steel Company offers

  • Fewer parties involved—we are the sole point of responsibility for the project.
  • Faster turnaround—no need to go back and forth between the builder and the designer.
  • Mid-project design adjustments are much smoother and less stressful.
  • Savings in your pocket—hire one person instead of two.
  • High-quality end result due to our intimate familiarity with the design.

Since we design-build services, we are both the designer and builder for your project. This means we can transform your vision into reality while staying on time and on budget. Through material substitution and other cost-saving methods, we are able to create a budget-friendly commercial design for your South Texas business without compromising the quality.